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The tiny little red dot on the world map is 26 times smaller than the neighbour country’s state, Johor that offer arrays of shopping, entertainment, dining and activities with first class facilities. With the super-efficient transport system, it makes touring around Singapore to explore the hidden gems and highlights. What’s even better when you are bound to reside in Sunway new project in Iskandar, Grid, with just minutes away from crossing the straits via Tuas Second Link. It’s much convenient for Johoreans to travel down for a day trip. So, grab an umbrella and comfortable shoes, let the sightseeing begins!


Breakfast is the most important meal to start the day, let’s get serious with breakfast to Tiong Bahru. What used to be ‘den of beauties’ in the 1930s have turned to trendy neighbourhood for good food and coffee chat. Get yourself a local ‘breakfast set’ that comprises kaya (coconut egg jam) toast, half boiled eggs with soy sauce and pepper and a good old local kopi (coffee). If you feel like having Western breakfast style, head down to Forty Hands for their ‘big boy breakfast’ and a cuppa latte. Continue exploring Tiong Bahru neighbourhood to the wet markets in the vicinity where the locals shop for their daily groceries. You will see assortments of tropical fruits, vegetables, spices, herbs and Singapore’s national flower, orchids. Click here for some guide for the local eats in Tiong Bahru food centre. 

Head down to Tiong Bahru Bakery for the fresh croissants or buns to fuel up for the next highlight, Gardens by the Bay, the garden in the Singapore city that boasts with two conservatory domes of flowers and trees from around the world. Experience the heights of the OCBC Skyway between the Supertree Grove and take some panoramic aerial photos of Singapore skyline. 


Let’s get to know Singapore’s history better, stop by the National Museum with the well organised exhibit, 700 Years of Singapore, while admiring the historical building. Within the area, head down to Singapore Art Museum to appreciate some of the new and latest arts exhibition from artist around the world. Indulge for a foodie staple from Singapore’s Indian community, roti prata and Indian cuisines along the colourful shophouses lining the streets of Little India. Whoop up the freshly-made buttery flatbread while dipping them in fragrant curry sauce. Then, walk down along the laneways filled with spices, Indian fabrics, oils, and odd fortune teller. Walk past the Sri Veeramakaliamman Temple to catch a glimpse of the beautiful architecture of the temple. 

How about some shopping in the famous Orchard Road with the latest fashion and design in the shopping belt. Singapore’s Orchard Road is an ideal street for people-watching and strolling with all types of shoppers and there’s always new projects on the streets. Projects like fashion booths, pop up car showrooms and exciting events. Be amazed with the underground links with few shopping malls connected. For cheaper shopping alternatives, head down to Bugis Street Market for cheaper souvenirs to gift. Not far from Bugis Street Market, there’s Haji Lane, stop for icy cold beer or latte before going for your next exploration.


Savour some local delights located in the middle of Chinatown, Chinatown Food Centre where famous local food from every parts of Singapore are gathered in the Chinatown Food Centre to serve you the best local dishes like Katong Laksa, claypot chicken rice and others. Wander over to Chinatown’s hidden bars in one of the streets, Ann Siang Hill, this miniscule hill are lined with quaint shophouses filled with cocktail concoctions, craft beers and wide range of wines. Restaurants turned to pub and bars, street filled with patrons enjoying the night and music playing all night long. Perhaps if you prefer larger crowd and more hype atmosphere, rush down to Clarke Quay, the centre point for pubs, bars and clubs. Zouk Singapore is now residing in Clarke Quay, is one of the most prominent club in Singapore with international DJs to spin in Zouk club.

Alternately, going to the east for some leisure activities and nature, we reckon East Coast Park where dining and activities take place. Rent a bike to cycle along the trail for cyclists and joggers whilst enjoying the beach view. Dining in East Coast Park is easy too, there are restaurants available from fast food to fancy restaurants to seafood restaurants. Seafood restaurants like No Signboard Restaurant and Long Beach Restaurant serves the best chilli crab dish in Singapore. The combination of beach and city in Singapore has become a way of life boasting many condominiums and HDB flats facing the sea view. Same goes for the upcoming new project in Sunway Iskandar that vowed it will be everyday life for sun, sea and sand.

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